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Man-made heritage

Saltersford Lane

The 'saltway' on the Staffordshire Way between Alton and Denstone, which forms part of the Staffordshire Way

The course of a trackway shown on Ordnance Survey mapping of 1838 and named as Saltersford Lane. The trackway is suggested to be a salt or packhorse way.

 The ‘saltways’ were used to transport salt across the country and are believed to date back to pre-conquest times. Saltersford Lane was thought to have linked Cheadle with Nantwhich, Newcastle and Derby.

Alton, Denstone
School Cottages (now School House) Bradnop

A pair of listed mid 18th Century cottages of stone construction with blue machine tiled rooves.

Shirley Brook Bridge

Shirley Brook Bridge was built to carry the first Froghall to Cauldon wagon way, circa 1778. Some people claim it might be the first true railway bridge in the world ... but that might be contentious!

Silver Jubilee Bench

Bench, erected by Waterhouses Parish Council to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee

Site of Blast Furnace at Old Furnace

The site of a blast furnace which may have been in existence by the 1590s. It closed in 1608.

This is the site only - there are no remains above ground.

Site of Brass & Copper Works, Oakamoor

Former industrial complex, now a scenic, riverside picnic site.

Factory buildings were demolished in 1963

Site of Oakamoor Railway Station

The Churnet Valley railway line was opened in June 1847 but was closed following Dr Beeching’s review in 1963.

The remains of the station can be seen at the starting point for the popular walking, riding and cycling route, the Churnet Way

Site of Saxon Burial, Longsdon

Site of Saxon burial on pasture land, no public access, but adjoining footpath.

Smelting Mill and Pond, Dimmingsdale

The smelting mill is now much altered and is a private residence, but the former mill pond is a very popular place with walkers in National Trust's Dimmingsdale.

Lead smelting mill described as new in 1741 and converted to corn grinding in 1784. Single high breast water wheel and three pairs of stones.

Alton, Dimmingsdale, Oakamoor
Spring Head Cover and Basin Tittesworth

A listed late 18th century spring head cover and basin constructed of stone slabs set on a troughed basin and fed by a spring (now a pipe) from the rear.