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Man-made heritage

Longsdon Church

A II* listed early 20th century parish church by Gerald Horsley

Longsdon Grange, Longsdon

Listed semi-derelict stone farmhouse with date inscription of 1817. No public access.

Lord's Bridge

A listed early 19th century bridge of ashlar construction. the bridge has a single arch over the river and two smaller arches either side.

Probably built for the Earls of Shrewsbury as a carriage bridge, now it is the footbridge that connects Dimmingsdale to the Churnet Way (Oakamoor to Denstone) ... and the Chained Oak.


Alton, Dimmingsdale, Oakamoor, Shrewsbury
Lords Bridge railway bridge

The bridge over the Churnet Way, the disused railway line (and disused canal) between Alton and Oakamoor.

See also Lord's Bridge the river section of the bridge next to it.

Meerbrook Methodist Chapel

Grade II listed early 19th century stone chapel. Coursed and dressed rubble: stone slate roof:verge parapets and blue brick end stacks.

Mileplate on Earl's Drive, Dimmingsdale

A listed early 19th century (c1807) cast-iron mile plate set into a drystone wall on the former drive leading to Alton Towers from Threapwood Lodge. The mile plate gives the distance to Alton Abbey, the previous name for Alton Towers when lived in by the Shrewsbury family.

Our ref AL14/15

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Alton, Dimmingsdale, Oakamoor
Milk Hill Bowl Barrow

A bronze age round barrow, which may have been excavated in the 19th century. It is protected as a scheduled monument.

Morridge Bowl Barrow Tittesworth

The earthwork remains of a small bowl barrow, which may have been one of a group of three barrows recorded in this area by Robert Plot in 1686. The barrow survives in good condition.

North Staffordshire Railway in Horton Parish

 Former railway track, concessionary path with miniature railway over part of the course.

North Staffordshire Railway in Rushton Parish

A protected concessionary path formerly the North Staffordshire Railway line.