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Shirley Brook Bridge

Shirley Brook Bridge was built to carry the first Froghall to Cauldon wagon way, circa 1778. Some people claim it might be the first true railway bridge in the world ... but that might be contentious!

The narrow, single span bridge is constructed of rough-dressed stone blocks. It was repaired in the late 1990s.

How to get there:

Walk up the main rackway/plateway as far as the packhorse trail, take the footpath east (down) into the Shirley Valley. Cross one stream on a footbridge. Over a small hill and cross the next stream (Shirley Brook). Very soon thereafter bear right, you are on the original plateway route and will cross this bridge in a 100m or so.

It is possible to do a 3 hour (approx) walk that takes in all 4 of the historic plateway/rackway routes.

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