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Man-made heritage

Bradnop Station

Located on the former Manifold Valley line from Leek to Waterhouses, Bradnop station was opened on 5th June 1905 & then closed 30th September 1935.

On 24th November 2012 a group of Churnet Valley Railway volunteers unearthed a lot of the hidden station, after 77 years of neglect. They then went on to re-erect a replica nameboard on 26th Auguest 2013.

Then on 17th September 2015, Michelin UK visited as part of one of their community days to help locate the former station building - and saw them unearth the former station masters key!

Bridge 35 Caldon Canal

Bridge 35 over the Caldon Canal in the Parish of Endon & Stanley

Endon & Stanley
Bridge 70

Bridge 70 is the only remaining intact original bridge on the Uttoxeter Canal.The bridge was built around 1809 and used as part of the navigable canal until 1849. Since closure the bridge had become hidden by increasingly dense woodland but continued to server a purpose as water still flows underneath it. Public footpaths 40 and 43 run over the bridge.

Canal, CVLLP, Volunteering
Buckley Farmhouse and Outbuildings Bradnop

A listed 17th Century farmhouse with later additions. The two-storey farmhouse has painted, rendered stonework and a blue machine tileroof, while the lower farm buildings have been left unrendered.

Caldon Canal - horse ramp

This is a ramp for horses to escape if they fell into the canal between Froghall and Consall. It was added when this section of the canal was repaired following a breach in the 1980s. At that time there was a horse drawn trip boat operating out of Froghall Wharf so the decision to add this feature is presumably connected.

We asked on our facebook page, if you remember more details please let us know. And we received this information:

Caldon Canal in the Consall Valley

The Consall Valley is said to be one of the most beautiful stretches of canal in the country. The canal, the river Churnet and the heritage railway come together in this wooded valley. There are no roads, just the canal towpath and the odd steam train run by Churnet Valley Railways. The perfect place to enjoy a walk or cycle.

Caltonmoor Bowl Barrow

The ploughed remains of a Bronze Age bowl barrow, thought to be one of those excavated by Carrington in the mid 19th century.

Canal Bridge 1

Bridge 1 - over the Leek Arm of the Caldon Canal.

Endon & Stanley
Canal Feeder in Rushton Parish

A partially abandoned canal feeder, which takes water from the River Dane and utilises it to feed Rudyard Lake and canals fed from the Churnet.

Canal Tunnel - Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal

A canal tunnel on the Leek branch of the Caldon Canal. The west and east tunnel entrances are listed. Access to the tunnel entrance or interior is by boat only.