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Copper Works Froghall

 The site of a copper and brass woks, built by the Bolton Company in 1890. The emphasis was on electrolytic copper production and manufacture but some work on complex brass alloys including aluminium brass was carried out there.

Froghall Lime Kilns

Listed early 19th century lime kilns of rock-faced sandstone, ashlar and brick construction overlooking Froghall Basin. The kilns have a massive retaining wall approximately 12 metres high by 50metres in length. The kilns form part of a group at the head of the Caldon Canal (built circa 1779), which includes a tramway terminus,warehouse and the canal itself, forming an industrial cluster of monuments. 

Froghall Mill

A waterpowered corn mill dated to 1825-now an auto-salvage office. The mill had 5 pairs of stones by 1833 and by this time was used for grinding colours for the pottery industry.


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