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Hospital of St John

A listed hospital, esigned by AWN Pugin in the mid 19th century. It is of ashlar construction with edged herringbone tooling and tiled roof. It forms part of a quadrangle with Catholic church and school.

Owned by the Birmingham Diocese


Church of St Peter, Alton

A listed sone built church with a 12th century core, which was restored and enlarged in 1831 and extended between 1884-5 b J R Naylor. The church has a 13th century west tower, a late 14th century window and a 15th century font. There also survies the reains of a late 14th century wall painting depicting the story of the Three Quick and the Three Dead.

Lord's Bridge

A listed early 19th century bridge of ashlar construction. the bridge has a single arch over the river and two smaller arches either side.

Probably built for the Earls of Shrewsbury as a carriage bridge, now it is the footbridge that connects Dimmingsdale to the Churnet Way (Oakamoor to Denstone) ... and the Chained Oak.


Alton Castle

There are two buildings to describe: a ruined 12th century castle, visible from within the grounds, and a victorian building, visible from across the valley from its prominent, cliff-top position. Only the moat and 12th century remains are scheduled buildings.


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