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Personal Journeys

Visitors to this part of Staffordshire, both from UK and abroad, are often heard to express their delight on seeing just part of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us  People often talk about the countryside in the romantic terms of "Hills and Valleys" , "Woods and Streams" or "Mountains and Moorlands".  In this area we have them all, perhaps not on the grandest of scales but definitely in quality. Since I retired I now find myself regularly walking , often less than 10 miles from home, always finding new scenes that have a beauty not only to raise the spirits but also to encourage one to take the odd photo to remind you of a particular spot in just these one-off conditions of light and season.

In my blog posts I shall try and convey my feelings for the area through a number of photos taken at different times of the year. These will, I hope, encourage others to come to the area, walk in the area but above all look at their surroundings with eyes expecting to be delighted.