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Local singers create new video

Local musicians and artists adapted to lockdown by using their talents to produce a stunning new piece, Greenwood Dreams, which also includes contributions by many local amateurs. At approximately half an hour long, the video is available for everyone to enjoy.

Greenwood Dreams is a new choral work, written and composed during lockdown, and remotely recorded by the Claybody Community Company and Carollers, The Phoenix Singers, and Renaissance music group, PIVA. The piece has been composed by the Director of Leek's Phoenix Singers, Ashley Thompson, with libretto by Deborah McAndrew and features over 60 singers and instrumentalists.

Exploring themes of isolation, the need for heroes, and a longing to connect with the natural world, GREENWOOD DREAMS follows the story of a child in lockdown, who lifts her head from her home-schooling work and gazes out of the window at the empty street. A blackbird sings and the child begins a vivid daydream… The street transforms into an ancient forest, and the child follows the birds into the trees to meet the greatest English hero of all – Robin Hood.

Greenwood Dreams is supported by Arts Council England.