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GDPR and your privacy

We have just updated our privacy policy in line with the new legislation taking effect from 25th May 2018. For full details please review the Privacy Policy. Essentially, the following explains people's relationship with the Churnet Valley Guide and the data that is held as a result.

First up, a reminder that the Churnet Valley Guide is a community edited site. People connected to the site are either Subscribers and/or Contributors. It is wonderful that local people are connected like this ... and the contributors are particularly awesome, for taking the time and showing the love to their community. A big thank you to everyone involved. Back to the business of data and privacy - both Subscribers and Contributors manage their own accounts and the data that is held on the server. Here's a bit more detail on that:

Subscribers receive the regular newsletters and the only data we hold is an email address. Churnet Valley News & Events is an emailed newsletter that summarises upcoming news and events that have been contributed to the site. The only data that is held on subscribers is the email address that was added when subscribing to the newsletter. This is only held online on our secure server. People can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime. If you don't want to receive these emails any more, all it takes is one click following the link on the bottom of every email. 

Community Contributors are the lovely folk that add news, events and all sorts of useful and interesting content to the site. To do this Contributors have created an online account, providing at least an email and username, and possibly the name of an organisation they are connected to. This is the extent of the personal data held by the site and it is only kept securely online. A Contributor can update or delete his/her account at any time. It really is very simple to create an account and add content to the site, if you haven't already done so, why not give it a go...

The site is hosted by Waymark on secure servers and all community contributions are moderated by the Waymark team before going live, to prevent spam. Finally, a reminder that this is not a commercial site; the site was funded by the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership (CVLLP) as part of its Heritage Lottery Funded programme of projects. The guide site is now fuelled by volunteers and community editors and remains the public-facing site for the ongoing work of the CVLLP.

Please review our full Privacy Policy.