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Are you able to walk locally in Churnet Valley during lock down?

Walkers, we need you. We have a couple of projects that need finalising or fine-tuning and local people who have time and safe access to the Churnet Valley might be able to help us. In particular, we have some walking routes that need additional information and recent photos. Feedback to date says that some of the walks we are preparing would benefit from an idea of how long they take. If you would like to get in touch and let us know which area of the valley you can safely walk in, we'll send you the relevant walk, or section of the walk. It would be great to get these walks finished and added to the site so that when we are out of lock down people can continue with their daily walking routine, perhaps exploring somewhere new or further afield.

We also have our regular social media challenges that are working really well with submissions from the community. Please find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.