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BBC comes to visit

On Monday the 6th July (mid-winter) Bob Hockenhull and a cameraman from BBC Midlands Today came to film in the Churnet Valley. Bob is doing a series of pieces on all four prospective Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Midlands, and the Churnet Valley was submitted to Natural England for consideration by a wide range of organisation.

Local residents, businesses and charitable organisations were on parade; Alison (Foxtwood Cottages), Steve (CUCT) & Helen (Ramblers Retreat), Ian George from Historic England and Howard Davies from the National Association of AONBs came to the valley to talk to Bob.

Even though it rained most of the day the beauty of the valley should be apparent to anybody who sees this news item. Look out for it ...“Coming to a TV set near you soon.”

Bob and Ian Twittering while cameraman gets good scenery shots.