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Himalayan Balsam - important update

We have had a successful season clearing Himalayan Balsam this year but are now receiving reports from several sources that it has started to go to seed. A number of work parties are still planned across the area so please note the following advice if you are joining one of these.

Touching the head of a mature plant can result in the seed pods 'exploding', catapulting its seeds distances of up to 7m. Each pod can contain up to 16 seeds, which is how the plant manages to spread so quickly if left untreated. Our advice is to snap off seed heads/flowers into a black sack, then pull up the rest of the plant and put into piles to rot down as previously. The seeds will not rot down in the sack and need to be disposed of. There are two approaches here:

  1. Burn the seed heads
  2. Leave them to rot in a controlled area well away from any water course. The plant will of course return in this area but any new growth can be stopped early next season.

If you would like us to dispose of sacks of Himalayan Balsam for you, contact Helen Anderson on 01538381356 or email: