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Too much mud

My perky white ears pricked up when I heard my human say ...walk to Cheddleton event...
That's not our usual walkies but I know it and the weather was dry.

We strode off down the plateway to Froghall, human in a hurry. I did my best to avoid the stream of water, I don't like getting my paws wet. My human says I was a cat in a former life. Huh, I growl, if only I could answer back properly.

Part of the plateway track had caved in and plunged a long way down. Four legs makes a narrow precipice no problem so I peered over the edge especially to amuse my human. Then I had to wait while endless photos were taken. I don't do waiting!

I then took the lead - no not that nasty thing that's meant to go round my neck - I reckon to stay a few yards ahead. But some sections of the tow path are in bad shape, so I dropped back to signal my disapproval at what I was supposed to walk through. Water on one side, hedge on the other, there was nothing for it but to wade onwards through endless mud and puddles. My human wasn't impressed, I could tell, but what's the fuss when you're wearing welies? What about me?

Let's not go back there til it's dried up and more work has been done on the path. I think my human got that message when I wiped myself down on someone else's car seat.