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Skills Builder2 - week 2

Back on the Roaches this week carrying on with footpath restoration. Some of the routes over the top have become very spread out so we were landscaping areas with natural vegetation and rocks to encourage walkers to stay on one path and avoid eroding wider moorland areas. We planted some common heather (Calluna vulgaris) whose purple flowers will emerge in late summer. Until the 19th century this plant was despised for its associations with the most rugged rural poverty but now cultivars of this native species are popular as ornamental garden plants. It's a great moorland plant providing shelter and food for wildlife such as birds, invertebrates and snakes.
Thanks to lots of walkers today stopping and thanking the group for their work improving the footpath - we really appreciate it.
If you see us out working do stop and have a chat! We've just written a questionnaire for anyone wanting to comment on our work when they see us so do come and fill one in!