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Cauldon Lowe plateways

Lafarge Cauldon Quarry

The original construction of the plant was subject to delay as steel was still in short supply after the second world war. In total, 450 people were employed in its construction. The whole plant cost £3.5m to build and it was opened by the Rt Hon Hugh Molson in 1957. On 25th April 1957, the number one kiln was lit for the first time. In 1960 the second Lepol kiln was installed and this was followed in 1962 by the third Lepol kiln, giving the plant a capacity of 500,000 tonnes of cement per annum.

Drum plinths

These large stone foundations used to belong to the "drum" that was used with the endless steel rope to pull the empty carts of the 1847 rack railway back up the inclined plateway with the weight of the full carts going down.

Froghall Wharf

Now a sleepy end to the Caldon Canal, this place was once the busy loading point for limestone brought down the tramways from the quarries at Cauldon Low

Helen sent us this reminiscence: I used to play in the Froghall Valley as a child, we used to walk along Hazles Cross Road in Kingsley Village, along the Sprink, past the old 'pop' factory and down the banks to Froghall.

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