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Churnet Valley Conservation Society meeting

Fox & Goose, Foxt

CVCS Meeting Agenda
7:30pm, 6 December 2017 - Fox & Goose, Foxt. Please advise us if you plan to attend.
1)     Apologies received: 
2)     Matters arising from minutes of previous meeting:
3)     Treasurer's report:
4)     Churnet Valley Historical Environmental Record Project update.
         Digitisation of the existing data.
         Any other projects?
5)     CVCS website update:
6)     SMDC Local Plan: 

7)     Countryside Estates Review: 
8)     SMDC Planning - Major Planning Applications:
a)    Moneystone Quarry/Holiday Camp: 
        b) Alton Towers:
        c)  Bolton Copperworks:
        d)  Whiston Golf Course re-profiling:
9)    CVCS Constitution review:
10)  Recruiting New Members: 
11)    A.O.B.:
12)   Date of next meeting: - 3rd January 2018

Event organiser: 
Churnet Valley Conservation Society
Event organiser's contact details: